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NOW OPEN 8000 Mall Walk, Yonkers, NY 10704

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Cookies N’ Cream, a cookie and ice-cream shop on Park Place in Bronxville N.Y

Cookies or ice cream can be ordered on their own, in combination, or combined with assorted toppings to form creative confections that are customized to individual taste. 

Those seeking inspiration might choose combos from the menu like The Mad Batter—a chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter, cookie-dough pieces, and chopped Heath Bar; or the Bronxville Crunch, a brûlée cookie base with chocolate frosting, cappuccino crunch, and chocolate crunchies. 

Alternatively, top a cookie with ice cream, syrup, and your choice of 14 cereals, or opt for a scoop of ice cream in an artisanal cone made of herbs, spices, and extracts in flavors such as birthday-cake, midnight vanilla, or lavender. Drink offerings include, of course, milk.

While some of the cookies are standard must-haves like chocolate-chip, oatmeal, and sugar cookies, less common are Purple Sugar Explosion, a sugar cookie filled with rainbow sprinkles and marshmallows, and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot, described as chocolate-chip cookie dough in the shape of a shot glass that’s lined with chocolate so it can be filled with milk and eaten after drinking

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